ficcin' in the rain

a fic challenge with a musical bent

Ficcin' in the Rain: a musical fic challenge
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ficcin' in the rain: a fic challenge with a musical bent
Welcome to ficcinintherain, a brand new fic challenge comm for those musically inclined at any level. We’ll be doing one of three challenges per month, all music-and-fic related but pretty different. The three different challenges that will cycle throughout the year: Mix-to-Fic, Song Bingo, and Music Kink.

Prompts for the following month are taken at any time, claims begin in the last week of the month, writing takes place throughout the month, and everything should be posted by the last day of the month at anywhere in the world. (You might want to check here to see what time it is in Hawaii.)
Upcoming Challenges
September: Mix-to-Fic!
October: Song Bingo!
November: Music Kink!

Prompts for September will open: August 1st.
Signups for September will open: August 25th.

All September submissions must be sent in by: September 30th.
Your mods are kisforkurama and teh_slush, and if you have any questions they can be left in the ask a mod post.

To learn more about our challenges, click here. If you'd like to join our current challenge: n/a.